Tuesday, June 26

Sexy Vanessa And Nina Hartley In Legendary Blowjob

Conor Coxxx doesn't stand a chance! Not with two amazing porn stars that know how to treat a cock like his. I bet Conor grew up watching Nina Hartley and I sucking some of the most famous dicks in porn and now he has his monster prick and balls deep down our throats. Not a lot of guys get this lucky! He should be honored we are sucking his cock!

Monday, March 12

Sexy Vanessa In School Daze With Nina Hartley

When I found out that Nina Hartley and I both had Conor Coxxx in our classes we couldn't stop talking about that bulge in Conor's jeans. Nina and I both had to know what was going on down there so we surprised him at his place with some student teacher tutoring. Sure enough, Conor had his giant cock ready and waiting for us, and Nina and I wasted no time taking turns riding that cock.

Friday, December 9

Nina Hartley And Anna Malle In Lesbian Sex

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Friday, October 14

Threesome with Angelene Black and Claire Adams

Angelene Black and Claire Adams joined me, Nina Hartley, for this one hour long lesson back in 2005. I couldn't even begin to tell you how intense this got, so you'll just have to watch. The toys we used were direct clit stimulators, and these young ladies were sensitive. But they were also aggressive little devils, and a little light bondage made this one threesome almost too intense to take!

Thursday, October 13

Nina Hartley and Roxanne Hall's Kinky Threesome

Roxanne Hall is all tied up, and Nina Hartley is in control! See what happens when a mature pornstar gets a tall, sexy beauty all to herself, in these 146 photos. But that's not all we have in store for this series. After the toys, and the teasing, and the bondage comes a surprise. This is a threesome, and there's a man in the studio! Why choose between pussy and dick when you don't have to!

Wednesday, October 12

Nina Hartley Breaking Shy Little Angela

Nina Hartley here. A shy, curvy brunette named Angela put herself at my mercy one weekend. She had no idea what she was in for! I called a camera crew, broke out the bondage gear, and watched that delicate babe shiver. I got her all sweaty by teasing her all over her body... but I got myself pretty wet paying attention to Angela's nice big natural tits!

Nina Hartley Punishing Adana for Bad Behavior!

Nina Hartley fans, we're not doing a lesson today... well, not the usual kind, anyway. Today I'm taking Adana down to the detention center, because she's been a bad girl! I've got her locked up in a cage, and I make sure she obeys my commands a while before she can even have my attention. Then I let her out of the cage, I treat her to intense bondage and sex toys!

Tuesday, October 11

Lesson #68 - Nina Hartley Likes Obedient Girls

Nina Hartley got an extra tasty treat, to help me teach this lesson. Her name is Jane, and she's a yummy young brunette. She does everything I instruct her to. Not too hard to go along with my demands, I should think... all I wanted to do was lick her all over, and use my toys on her! She helped, too... no harm in that! You're going to love learning all about Jane in this 55 minute chat lesson!